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I love you -Introduction-
東方神起 (Tohoshinki)
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Tohoshinki - I Love You.

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Anonymous asked: I am actually starting college in the fall & all my classes are GE courses and they seem really easy and I chose really good professors, but I am still really afraid and worried for college :( I also have to commute to school as well.

Hi! I was like you too anon >< starting college is both really exciting and scary! (more like terrifying LOL) but as soon as I started I realized that it wasnt that scary~ you DO have to be on top of your classes as your professors might not be able to help you one on one. but meeting new people definitely  helps! because chances are they are all feeling the same as you and will be more than happy to help you out^^ make bunch of friends and have a blast :D 

and I also commute too and I never had any problems meeting new people. so dont worry too much and start your first day with your best outfit :D 

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hoyaegi replied to your post:mint choco froyo :>
I’m not in College yet and I’m already afraid orz

college is basically 4 years of roller coaster ride :< but its super fun tho! 

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hoyaegi asked: mint choco froyo :>

mint choco froyo:3 things im proud of

  • 1: My decent grades (hey college is tough)
  • 2: My growing kpop collection
  • 3: my open mindedness? >///< 
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infinite crying · requested by justacrazyinspirit
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gyumeo asked: strawberry iced tea

strawberry tea: favourite outfit:

I really like comfortable clothing lol so i like white collard shirt with boyfriend jeans and flats :D I also really like florals ^^ 

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if you sang with your face, jang donggun would be the best. or won bin hyung. isn’t that right?

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these are the cutest omg please
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